The first crypto Gold
MIDAS-Bank is coming!
Be part of the banking revolution and build investors advantages.
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Every DASToken will be converted into Midas Bank shares
There are hundreds of new crypto projects but only MIDAS is the first decentralized bank to be secured by real gold.
Don't miss your chance and invest in a MIDAS Project at an early stage to guarantee enormous benefits.
Meet the MIDAS Project
The Midas Project is the first regulated decentralized bank to use its own real gold protected blockchain with a global reach.
Without borders
Account registration from any location in the world
Physical gold
The purchase of tokens will be the acquisition of the right to physical gold, held in a secure vault in Switzerland or London
Transaction security
The complete KYC account verification procedure
Without limits
The possibility of purchasing tokens for any cryptocurrency, transfer and sale of tokens, as well as withdrawals
The Main Goals of the Project
Crypto bank
Global, licenced and secured Crypto Bank on-line
No matter where you are the real gold is one click behind
Simplification and shortening of complicated procedures
Creating a transparent platform with the highest level of security
Anti-inflation currency
MIDAS (MID), anti-inflationary coin, gold-backed and stored in the world's most secure vaults
The ultimate security for your digital assets
The DASToken platform is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to ensure maximum protection of assets at all times.
Success Determinants
Proven and certified gold suppliers
Advanced and automated technology
An international network of partners and customers
Synergy from other businesses with committed team members
Financial resources and an experienced team of experts